Our Cranes

National 1300 Series    Capacity:  60,000 lbs.   Boom:  95 ft.      Load Chart

The 30 Ton is a perfect size crane for residential projects such as setting wall panels, roof trusses and structural beams.  This crane is smaller and has the versatility of getting into the smaller residential sites.  We also use this crane to set small HVAC units for the smaller commercial projects that don’t necessarily need the larger cranes.

National 18127 series      Capacity: 80,000 lbs.   Boom: 127 ft.  Jib: 31 ft.  Load Chart

This 40 Ton is probably the most versatile of our 3 smaller cranes in our fleet.  With a boom reach that is similar to our 70 Ton Crane but with the maneuverability of a 30 Ton we can accommodate a lot more commercial projects as well as reaching heights to set cell towers or even those larger rafters on residential projects.

Link-Belt RTC 8065    Capacity:  130,000 lbs.   Boom:  115 ft.   Jib: 93 ft.   Load Chart

The biggest advantage of using a rough terrain crane is that it can reach places other cranes wouldn’t be able to.  If a job site is especially uneven or difficult to navigate a rough terrain crane might be the only option.  This crane is a perfect fit for setting structural steel buildings and pipeline projects.

Grove  GMK5120B      Capacity: 240,000 lbs.   Boom:  167 ft.   Jib: 36- 112 ft.   Load Chart

The Grove 120 ton crane travels down the road with traffic and a support truck. Typically one truck travels with this crane all the time, with another person who is the rigger, oiler and signal person.  To utilize the maximum capacity of this crane one more trailer of weights would be required to attain the counterweight total of 68,300 lbs.  Typical areas this crane will be are hot mix plants, house setting, and towers.

Grove  GMK5240B    Capacity:  480,000 lbs.   Boom:  197 ft.   Jib: 43- 125 ft.   Load Chart

The Grove 240 ton crane may travel down the road with traffic and one support truck. Typically one truck will travel with this crane all the time, with one person who is the rigger, oiler and signal person.  To utilize the maximum capacity of this crane more trailers with weights would be required to attain the counterweight total of 154,300 lbs.  The 240 ton is unique because of its ability to complete some of the heaviest lifts and it can be configured to do smaller jobs.  The 240 ton can maneuver around jobsites similar to its smaller brothers in the fleet.

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Our Markets

Energy – Petroleum transmission, Electrical transformers, Railroad cars, Propane storage tanks

Mining – Shovel assembly, Off highway truck repair, Plant renovations

Construction – Bituminous plant set-up, Bridges, Precast culverts, Sanitary lift stations, Steel erection, Precast concrete

Agricultural – Storage silos, Forestry board plants

Residential – Log and Timber frame homes, Setting Manufactured homes

Commercial – HVAC units, Trusses, Communication- Cell phone towers, MnDot towers

Why Choose Us

Headquartered in Bemidji, MN, Christiansen Industrial Developers (CID) has been incorporated and successfully providing our crane services to Minnesota since 1979.  We are a family owned business willing to do what is takes to complete any project. Time is always a factor that is hard to control and we believe our biggest advantages to combating time, is experience and two locations to efficiently reach our customers. All of our employees have experienced the many different types of construction; therefore less time explaining the process and possible time saving measures can be implemented. Discover how we can save you time, with the many years of knowledge today.

All of our crane operators are NCCO certified, so you know the best is behind the controls of your lift.  All of our employees are Local 49 union operators certified with OSHA 30 & OSHA 10, MSHA, First Aid & CPR.  CID is a member of the ISNet world a safety watchdog company used by corporations to assure they are getting the safest contractors.  A safe project is a profitable project.

Our rates are per hour basis from port to port, with a 4 hour minimum.  Call us for all our current rates for each crane and configuration.  Many projects must be visited by our company representative to address access issues and possibly quoting the project.  Extra charges will likely apply if our crane cannot access your site under its own power or during cold weather and spring road restrictions, so please call for those rates.

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